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Show Manager

(908) 303-1956



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Laura Marcelli

Show Secretary
PO Box 97
Califon, NJ 07830

(201) 210-8517


Rodney Seelig

Junior Essex Troop

(718) 803-3800


Allan Spina

Junior Essex Troop

(908) 229 1831

James duva

Junior Essex Troop

John Y. G. Walker III

Junior Essex Troop


Bill Bonstein

Junior Essex Troop



1. EMT/Safety Coordinator on show grounds during competition & has radio tuned to channel 10.

2. Veterinarian on call also monitors channel 10.  Running S Equine Veterinary Service, 118 Fairmount Rd. West | Califon, NJ 07830 | | (908) 832-5484

3. EMTs and Ambulance on property will either transport immediately or call for additional ambulance if needed.

4. Ambulances are on premise full time and will be directed by show personnel to location of injury.

5. EMTs will determine nature of injury and call for medivac helicopter as needed. Landing pad has been pre-established with show management and local authorities.

6. Ring or area will be cleared to allow ambulance entrance.

7. At completion of emergency, ring will be re-set & adjusted as necessary.

8. Competition Management only will make any media statements regarding accident or injury.

9. Emergency Safety Coordinator - Tucker Ericson  (908) 303-1956